About Brand

About Brand

L`Duchen is a manufacturer of premium-class Swiss Made watches of timeless elegant design. The company keeps to centuries-old watchmaking traditions, including use of high quality materials, attention to details and manual assembly.

The modern history of L'Duchen brand started in 2004 with the launch of a mechanical watch collection. L'Duchen debut at Baselworld Fair was in 2012, when the brand introduced a new Spacematic collection, equipped with elaborately decorated Soprod movements. Since that time L'Duchen is a constant Baselworld exponent. Headquarters of the company is located in a small town Saignelegier (canton Jura), a region, where the modern Swiss watch industry raised.

Nowadays, L'Duchen continues to create wonderful timepieces with great respect to customers and partners. L'Duchen combines technical perfection of the best watch calibers (Soprod, ETA, Ronda), exquisite design and craftsmanship of people realizing creative ideas to life, making a product of high quality, respecting and carefully following the Swiss watchmaking traditions. L'Duchen creates classical watches with exquisite design features, such as special cut indexes or unique oak-leaf-shaped quilloche pattern. An invariable part of L'Duchen brand is an oak leaf on logo that symbolizes wisdom and longevity.

Currently, the brand represents 4 collections: Spacematic, Automatique, Quartz and Multifunction.

An important thing about L'Duchen is its very special Art Collection of timepieces with fascinating hand-painted dials with a possibility to make watches of your own design, in only one piece in the whole universe. Dials for Art Collection timepieces are created in lacquered miniature technique — painting on gold or silver leaf. The making of each dial takes more than 80 hours of artist work and 10 layers of lacquer and paint.

For cases and bracelets, only anti-allergenic stainless steel is used, for straps — high-quality genuine leather.